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Instructional designers: A growing breed

Venkat Pula­paka / Hyder­abad
The need for instruc­tional design­ers is being noticed in e-learning—both in cor­po­rate train­ing depart­ments and edu­ca­tion insti­tu­tions. It is one of the fastest grow­ing fields. With a growth in the out­sourc­ing of instruc­tional design­ing works, there are already about 5,000 instruc­tional design­ers in India. As more out­sourc­ing works pour
in, there would be […]


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Instructional Designing ID Training Hyderabad, India

Course Descrip­tion This pro­gram is designed to teach the fun­da­men­tals of Instruc­tional Design,including the prin­ci­ples of learn­ing the­ory, and instruc­tional strate­gies that are rel­e­vant to instruc­tional design. This cer­ti­fi­ca­tion course will intro­duce you to the sys­tems approach to instruc­tional design which includes intro­duc­tory infor­ma­tion and appli­ca­tion of skills and tech­niques nec­es­sary in the analy­sis, design, […]


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