Tech­To­tal has suc­cess­fully con­ducted Work­shop on Tech­ni­cal Writ­ing for Infi­neon Tech­nolo­gies.  The par­tic­i­pants were 37 engi­neers with 5 years to 15 years expe­ri­ence in soft­ware development.


About the company

Infi­neon Tech­nolo­gies focuses on the three cen­tral chal­lenges fac­ing mod­ern soci­ety: Energy Effi­ciency, Mobil­ity and Secu­rity and offers semi­con­duc­tors and sys­tem solu­tions for auto­mo­tive and indus­trial elec­tron­ics and chip card and secu­rity appli­ca­tions.