- Susan Bilheimer

Since 1999, thou­sands have used my best-selling e-book to launch a lucra­tive career in tech­ni­cal writing!

Per­fect for mid-life career-changers, teach­ers, tech­ni­cians, cre­ative writ­ers, or any­one who wants to work as a free­lance or full­time writer.


Dear Friend,

Are you a cre­ative and tal­ented writer who just can’t find a way to earn your liv­ing purely from writing?

Do you have abil­i­ties in any tech­ni­cal arena? In other words, are you a repair­per­son, elec­tri­cian, or a com­puter operator/support person?

Are you a teacher, instruc­tor, or trainer?

Are you unem­ployed or under­em­ployed at your present job and look­ing for a bet­ter career?

If you answered “yes” to any of these ques­tions, then you owe it to your­self to con­sider a career in tech­ni­cal writing.

If you can com­mu­ni­cate clear, con­cise instruc­tions, then you can be a tech­ni­cal writer. Through this book, I will show you, step by step, how to turn your writ­ing tal­ent into a reward­ing and lucra­tive career, just as I did in 1997 … at the age of 42!

How to Become a Tech­ni­cal Writer will teach you all of this and more:

  • How to search for jobs
  • Cre­ate a tech­ni­cal writ­ing resume using your cur­rent experience
  • Learn by doing FREE tuto­ri­als and where to find them
  • Under­stand impor­tant style rules for tech­ni­cal writing
  • What soft­ware you need and how to access free versions
  • The way to build confidence
  • How to land that first job
  • The four most com­mon mis­con­cep­tions about tech­ni­cal writers
  • Three vital tips to begin your journey
  • How to decide whether to work as a con­trac­tor or full-time employee

Plus, six suc­cess­ful tech­ni­cal writ­ers share their sto­ries about how they broke into the field.

All in all, you get over 200 pages and 23 chap­ters of prac­ti­cal, moti­va­tional, career-building advice.