1. What made (skills) you to choose Tech­ni­cal Writ­ing career being a tech­ni­cal grad­u­ate?
2. How much you rate in writ­ing?
3. Have you done any writ­ing? Can you write process doc­u­ments? Mar­ket­ing doc­u­ments?
4. What is the role of a tech­ni­cal writer in an orga­ni­za­tion?
5. What is the chal­leng­ing thing in Tech­ni­cal Writ­ing?
6. Where have you done the course?
7. What tools and tech­niques you learnt in the tech­ni­cal writ­ing course?
8. Do you have knowl­edge of any style guide?
9. Can you show us any sam­ples of your work?
10. You don’t have any soft­ware expe­ri­ence, how can you write on soft­ware appli­ca­tions?
11. What are the types of doc­u­ments in Soft­ware devel­op­ment com­pa­nies (SDLC)?
12. Describe the process you fol­lowed, when you devel­oped your last help file (doc­u­men­ta­tion devel­op­ment life cycle).
13. What are the goals of a tech­ni­cal writer?
14. Describe how you get infor­ma­tion for your doc­u­men­ta­tion.
15. How do you gather infor­ma­tion from SME?
16. How to review a tech­ni­cal doc­u­ment?
17. What is the struc­ture of User Man­ual?
18. How do you per­form Audi­ence analy­sis?
19. Typ­i­cally how many reviews does the doc­u­ment undergo?
20. Describe how you get doc­u­ments reviewed.
21. Will you be able to do multi-tasking?
22. Com­pare Adobe Frame maker and Ms Word.
23. How do you cre­ate online doc­u­ments? Do you know any help author­ing tools?
24. Why do we use Robo­Help?
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